We are always striving to provide equipment suited to client’s specific requests. Thinking outside of the box has permitted us to come up with innovative solutions adapted to the glass industry. We appreciate when our equipments are wisely designed while still at an affordable cost.
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6’ 3’’ of inside clearance

all fibre glass panel with 1/4 inch plywood

locking handle on rear door

works with or without tail gate


 do-it-yourself rack kit


all aluminum structure

largest rubber protection

wide splash panel included on all racks

Standard 5 ¾ inches ledge board

removable front protective panel

sitting blocks every 12''




create a real workshop on wheels

won't surcharge the truck while being strong

secure for 24hrs service

give an extra security for doors, add a shelf or a

step, better for re-selling truck

quick & easy installation, truck is ready to be use in

the same day

light, tough and rust proof

no glass damages

more protection

use all the space authorized

possibility of carrying large dimensions

more support







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