We are always striving to provide equipment suited to client’s specific requests. Thinking outside of the box has permitted us to come up with innovative solutions adapted to the glass industry. We appreciate when our equipments are wisely designed while still at an affordable cost.
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© Truck Body Options


Lower over cab extention

Carry Aluminum Framing


Higher Over Cab Extention


Rear Cab Tool Box

Rear Cab Double Tool Box

perfect for storefront or commercial glass companies


Retractable Steps

easier to step in the truck body

Retractable Steps With Protective Door

keeps steps clean

Lockable Lenghts Container

perfect for lenght transportation

lockable door for more security



easy loading with over head crane

Depressor Hook

gives a better acces to pole

helps to push down pole

Second Level Arch

clear off floor

gives rooms for material  transportation

removable for your convenience





Carry Aluminum Framing, while leaving box empty



Rear Bumper Tool Box

perfect for tool or material transportation

can be locked for more safety

Back Ladder

gives a better acces to roof

12in Tailgate

easier to step in the truck body

Retractable Access Ramp

easier to transport crate, unit, glass sheets in the truck

retractable for convenience

Lenghts Container

gives a quick access to lenght

lenght are keep in a container for a better protection

Roll-Up Rear Door

gives all the width possible

rapid door opening at loading duck

Flat Deck Poles

helps crate transportation

Retractable Roof

Interior Rack

perfect for unit transportation

Interior Rack For Crate

perfect for crate transportation

Extrusion Support

perfect for lenghts transportation

Second Height Ledgeboard

helps carry small pieces whenever it is needed

Clear Roof

gives more luminosity inside the truck body

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